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Linda Mcmahon after she terminated the senate oposiition

Next senator of the mediocore state of Conecticut and a highly sophisticated robot, designed as a figure head for WWE and to make it appear as Vince McMahon is happly married while in fact hes all over the Divas like a bad rash.

Linda is capable of computing up to a million teraflops of WWE corporate information in a second, which makes her perfect for financial press calls but is unable to compute any question relating to crap booking or berried talent. Instead she just sits there and repeats the phrase “Can not compute” until the subject moves on to the ad revenue for

Amazingly looks twenty years older than she actually is, it's no wonder Vince is all over the divas.

Vince was pushing the pork with Linda in the scaffolding at the Kemper Arena one day. He had to use something to tie her down with and cut what he thought was just some regular cord.

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