Krone Meltzer (born 1991) is the son of Dave Meltzer and sole heir to his fortune. When Dave dies in 2111, Krone will succeed him as wrestling's preeminent journalist (what, were you expecting Alvarez??), and complete his takeover of the IWC. At that time, he will also officially change the pronunciation of his last name to "Metzler". Reported missing during August 2006. Resurfaced around Novermber 2007 to challenge Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to an MMA Fight. For some reason, people enjoy changing this page. Whether the obsession with Krone Meltzer continues or not, we may never know, but one thing we do know is that this fine young man will live in all of our hearts til the end of time. Once shut down the entire DVDVR Message Board.


Krone meltzer is a god among men. You here this alot from people but he really is. He's the all mighty. Once he took on an entire army of panthers with a pen. It was an epic battle but in the end the 10,000 panthers showed no match for the all mighty Krone. Another time he was swimming across the Red Sea and 50 sea monsters attacked him. It was a horrible battle, blood and guts everywhere! Thats the reason its called the Red Sea. Named after Krone and his mighty victory vs the great sea monsters. He has three pets: A cat named Fifi, a dog named Champ, and a chin-dildo named Russ.

The Krone Meltzer Collection

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