Daniel Klitts: Wild? Young?

Klitts is the current and reigning HUNK of the BOARD (2008 and 2009). He is best known for his jpeg posts and his infamous porn. He is now in the group TEAM REAL DEAL : 4HM alongside Bryan Alvarez, The Cancer and rabies. He is hated and loved by many on the board. Some have accused him of being gay, whereas others have thought of him as the MAN. Currently being stalked by Vanillafire1000. A vapid and vain man who equates his graphic design job with being President of the United States. Folklore has told us that Klitts' tongue could please a Sperm Whale. He has on a continual basis produced photographic evidence of himself and women has has fornicated with.

He got a big ol' butt.

He is hated by Crumbley.

An author of erotic fiction which he posts on the board.


Vanillafire1000 currently is stalking Klitts. He follows Klitts around on the board with a Kevin Eubanks jpeg with the tagline "good one klitts". He also went as far as calling in to the Sinbad and Jakey show in his nasely geek voice, cutting a horrible promo on how klitts was an "asshole". Many boarders have said that he sounded on the verge of tears throughout the promo, which led many to believe that Klitts may have humbled one or more of Vanillafire1000's crushes. It was widely considered as an Epic FAIL~!

Former stalkers include neville (who has since reconciled with Klitts) and DC SNIPER.

Kevin Eubanks

Vanillafire1000's "Good One Klitts" gimmick.


Klitts loves nothing more than being part of a gang. At different periods on The Board he has been a part of or asked to be a part of the following groups.

  • Real Deal
  • Team potcast
  • Team hunk
  • F4W entourage
  • Team rudebox**
  • F4W Originals
  • Legion of hunks

It has been rumoured that the basis for neville and klitts' reconciliation was neville once used the term 'gang rape'.

In recent days, the actual facts of the said 'gangs' have been strewed by angry board members. The Legion of Hunks and Team Hunk were never actual teams.

    • Team Rudebox has never asked for Mr. Klitts to enter the box.

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