Perhaps the most annoying person in the history of The Empire.

KidZombiefromrubberguardradio had a tendency to plug his Shitty show every time he called into a radio programme. This led to much hatred from the board.

Said his shitty fucking show was going on a hiatus, only to release a new episode 2 days later.

Made a poll on THE BOARD~! asking who enjoys listening to "Rubber Guard Radio." The results: Yes- 8 No- 74

Fun Facts about the child like Zombie

Likes to use the word "Brother"

Think's his audio show is good. It's not.

Is apparently married. Yeah right.

Real name is Pascal Zanzibar.

Is in love with Dean Cain.

Inundates dirt sheet writers and their associates with wrestling compilation DVD's that they will never watch. After receiving another package from Kid Zombie, Bryan Alvarez exclaimed "Jesus Fucking Christ~! Vinny - I have some DVD's for you!"

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