Kevin hackman

Yeah Silent Rage we know

Kevin Hackman is 6’5” and 270lbs. That, in and of itself, sets the Florida native apart from the pack. But what really makes Kevin Hackman special is his heart, drive and determination. Looking up to his cousin, Dangerous Dan Spivey, Hackman had his interest spiked at an early age. A standout amateur wrestler and football player in high school, Kevin soon felt the itch for competition on a greater level. A Division-1 football player at FIU, Hackman was a four year starter; showcasing his athletic talents on the offensive line. During the offseason Kevin committed much of his time to MMA training, and brings a unique offense and an explosive style to his in ring approach. Kevin was raised in the swamplands of Florida by his father and mother, and despite his working-class background, he is determined and driven by hard work to make a name for himself

He also won that abysmal recent Tough Enough. Whose hilight was when a female contestant mentioned her favorite match was a Melina match. He appeared on RAW an received a Stunner for winning the competition. Will be headlining a Flea Market near you. No relation to Gene Hackman

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