Renouned Japanese shoot fighter, praised by Big Dave for constantly wrestling lesser talented men to five star fake matches. He is currently co-leader alongside Glen Jacobs of the BURNING faction in NOAH which consists of four men on a mission to rid the world of cancerous kidney's and young age scaldings.

On December 12, 2007, SOMETHING HAPPENNED IN JAPAN GUYS when Kobashi comes back and laid some straight shootin' bitches.

Kobashi Vs The CancerEdit

Kobashi's real life feud with non-member of the board The Cancer begun on the May 2006, at the conclusion of the Tokyo Domo, Highbeam Headlight Navigation card which saw 2 year amatuer The Cancer shoot on Kobashi's knees and submit him to a knee brace toothpick stabbing infront of a sellout crowd of 426 million live viewers. Kobashi immidiently rose up and shoot Lariated The Cancer and in the process put him in a coma which he would only wake up from five minutes later, giving the required time for one Kenta Kobashi to flea the arena. This is the story account as told by if it were booked by TNA

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