Kent "Contravertsee" Jones is a redneck trailer park retard "shooter" on "" he is known for being a giant kiss-ass for TNA and lives in a bubble where everything the company does is good and everything WWE does is bad.

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Kent Jones's MySpace Profile Pic showing that he has the drawing ability of a three-year old

He has made stupid statements in an effort to be "controversial" such as Eddie Guerrero was a horriable worker who could not hold his own against Konnan and that he was a "pill popper" and a "drug attick". He has also claimed that Osama bin Laden was a genius for the 9/11 attacks claiming it was the "first attack ever on U.S. soil" which proves that that they must not give out history books in South Carolina since he could have learned about something called The War of 1812.

Kent is also known for not allowing comments on embedding on any of his "YouTubes" videos to avoid having the whole world laugh at what a retard he is. He also has a gay friend named Felix who has a stupid headset which makes him look like someone from The Matrix who agrees with him on every TNA comment he makes.

Kent infamously did a mock commerical for a wrestling webboard named "The Saloon" in which thanks to his piss-poor editing skills ammounted to him saying "The Saloon, The Saloon, The Saloon" in an endless loop throughout the entire clip it has been thankfully saved by F4W member Sneedo's "YouTubes" account. Sneedo also had Kent on his radio show asking him mock questions about his sexual orianation for 45 Minutes and Sneedo saying "Good Point" at him over and over again.

Despite his love for TNA he is mocked by fellow TNA bubbleheads Bill and Doug who run the "YouTubes" account RvdTito4life it went to the point where the retard hacked into their account and had to eventually be forced by "YouTubes" to give the account back although it wouldn't be the last time he had trouble with "YouTubes" management. He later showed a video on his account telling "YouTubes" to kiss his ass by showing his ass on-camera which lead to his account being blocked although he has since started a new account as soon as he came back the retard then went on to blame Vince McMahon and WWE for forcing "YouTubes" to block his account and accused them of "censoring" him.

He also thought the angle at TNA Slammiversary 2006 where Jeff Jarrett won the NWA Title due to Earl Hebner asking to ring the bell in a rehash of "The Montreal Screwjob" was the greatest thing ever and claimed it would "draw money" for TNA and refered to it as "The Arlando Screwjob" and went so far as to call it a "great" PPV when every smark on the net thought it sucked.

Also there have been rumors Dixie Carter has put a restraining order on Kent for stalking her.

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