Ok, he obviously wrote this thing himself, so I'm fixing it. It previously talked about how witty and attractive he is, while also letting you know he's gay. Over and over. Here's the deal. Jonnymudd is an Irish homo who thinks he's witty, but is actually a psychologically troubled shut-in who does not deal with life, or seemingly anything for that matter, well. The dude has obvious mental problems, as evidenced by many of his posts. Jakey came on the scene awhile back and *gasp* showed that you can be gay and not be an swishy annoying cunt, and since then mudd has pretty much been completely forgotten. Thinks he knows MMA, but often just embarasses himself. Used to go on anti-Dana White rants when it was cool, saying well-thought out things like "Dana White is destroying MMA". He's also fucking weird and creepy. He'll go into graphic detail about his homo exploits, like anyone wants to hear about it, and call you a homophobe if you complain about it.

Have I mentioned that this dude is clearly unbalanced? Almost guaranteed he's attempted suicide before, and probably will again. Seriously, fuck off mudd. You're not witty, no one gives a fuck what you think, and you somehow come off like the weirdest guy ON AN INTERNET WRESTLING BOARD.

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