A caller on the Wrestling Observer Live during the EYada days and a very dedicated WCW fan. Despite his mild retardation John outwitted the slippery Dave Meltzer by pushing the important questions regarding World Championship Wrestling, the issues that Dave would attempt to avoid answering in order to protect the secret conspiracy to destroy what was the greatest wrestling company to ever exist. Through John's hard work investigating on the internet, he was able to cut through the bullshit and get to the real issues. Everything John claimed was in fact true but at the very last second would fall through thanks to sabotage in order to make John appear to be a complete retard instead of the sharp wrestling mind he in fact was.

Important John from Florida Moments Edit

  • John made the discovery that Eric Bischoff was vacationing in Hawaii during WCW sales negotiations because he was in fact celebrating buying the company. John got this information from Dave Apter, who Meltzer tried to say didn't exist in order not to lose all credibility by being out-scooped.
  • He found out that Vince Russo was sent to WCW to destroy it and many people within the business agreed.
  • “Why is Vince McMahon the way he is?”
  • John asked Dave why Eric Bischoff could make matches on TV but people claimed he had no power in the company. Dave uses the phrase “its fake”, thus Exposing the Business and destroying what little credibility Dave still had after the Dave Apter debacle.
  • Owen Hart was going to leave WWE for WCW but then Vince McMahon sent him up to the rafters and he had his fatal accident. COINCIDENCE? A little FISHY, don't you think? HMM?
  • Found Dave Meltzer's home phone number. Some guy called Rick answered.
  • WWE buying WCW? All a work.

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