Facts about the 'gar czar...Edit

The Board's resident cigar smoking, kettlebell swinging, weight loss inspiring dubtante.

A known racist who believes the Hip Hop industry is the degradation of African American culture.

Talks about cigars.

Then he talks about them some more.

Was once a massive tub of lard, then he lost weight, then gained some weight (on the ROAD) and then lost that weight. Thus feels he should comment on everyone's weight loss.

Is insanely insecure if he's over 190lbs, thus making him the gayest thing since gay visited gay town.

He's the manliest thing since Clint Eastwood fought John Wayne on George Washington's grave.

"jinby" if youre nasty.

Is a student of the famed manly man and all around killing machine, Tommy Maxwell.

Eats pemmican bars, which is some sort of Native American jizz candy.

1/3 of the F4W Freebirds with thrillbilly and aeroscorp .

One of the biggest assholes on the board.

Confirmed DIAD.

But, he's still Wild and Young.

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