Jim Cornette

If you ever come visit Jim Cornettes house you will be transported back to the world of the eighties. On December 31st 1989 Jim decided to preserve everything in his house and not a single change has been made since. All Jim ever watches on TV is episodes of the A-Team, Dallas and Manimal. The only music he will ever listen to is Duran Duran and Wham! His booking style also reflects this.

Once took a bump off a scaffold and broke his ass.

Good friends with Dave and they did live with each other for a short while.

Is not the booker of TNA, for some idiotic fucking reason.

Bitchslapped that Italian guy who became Intercontinental champion.

Spat in the face of Ed Ferrara as payback for making fun of Jim Ross' Bells Palsy.

Put a booger on Eric Bischoff's front windshield.

Sent WCW a funeral wreath.

Charged several times for racketeering.

Hates cunts.

Hates the business because he is bitter.

Luckily got the fuck out of TNA; now gets to bitchslap Adam Pearce for his stupid booking decisions.

Actually thinks John Lennon was a profound intellectual lol

Now makes money selling bootleg DVDs.

Last seen getting drunk in his Kentucky mobile home while tweeting obscenities to the Young Bucks

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