Jez or commonly referred to as Jereme the video game guy used to be the video game correspondent for Jereme is a hebrew name and means monkey. He also claims to be a boxing correspondent. He randomly made appearances on the Bryan and Vinny Show and talked about boring ass video games, such as the Impact game. Jez was advertised as being a Jew and not entertaining and during his first few appearances he proved this point. Still Bryan reinvited him several times to the show thereafter and Jez failed epically every time. The board agreed to commonly hate Jez. Chibe frequently thinks of inventive ways for Jez to die. Americool and Jez will have a discussion of some wacky sort soon [1]. Jez was not too bad but the pussies on the board got sand in their collective vagina everytime he came on the show. Bryan realized this and invited him back many times. He also likes to highjack threads with pointless posts about upcoming video games.

On March 6th 2009, Jez went on a mental over a misrouted fax(!) for some goddamn nonsense of his, and claimed to have SECRET KNOWLEDGE of Empire malfeasance on the part of King Bryan. As of this update, Jez has been shitcanned as official F4W video game correspondent, and his very sanity seems to be in jeopardy.

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