Jeff Hardy, also known as Jeff Harvey, Jeff Harley, Jess Hargy, Joe Scarborough and 'This Face-Painting Meth-Abusing Queef Is The WWE Champion?!?', was born to rednecks in Cameron, North Carolina. He and his brother later went on to become the greatest tag team ever.

Hardy gained his most fame by being a moron, who failed the WWE Talent Wellness Program. As a result, Jeff was taken off the WrestleMania 24 card, and will never ever ever win the WWE Title. Until, you know, he actually did in December 2008. WTF? Bryan Alvarez, who had vehemently defended Hardy for months prior to the suspension, came out looking like a bigger moron than Mr. Kennedy. Sad, really.

Will jump over a shark at Wrestlemania 25. Meth is a hell of a drug.

Now in TNA. Became world champion even after drug scandal. Good job TNA.

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