Jacques Pliskin (also known professionally as Biohazard) is a wrestler with an absurd, and apparently difficult to pronounce, name.

Pliskin originally appeared as a jobber on WWE SmackDown!, where he was called "Yock Pilskin" and "Yak Pilskin" by functionally retarded color commentator Michael Cole. F4W~! Empire Emperor Bryan Alvarez and lackey Vinny V found Cole's pronunciations to be extremely hilarious, going so far as to cover them at some length on an episode of The Bryan and Vinny Show.

Pliskin would appear months later on an episode of WWE Velocity, where ring announcer Tony Chimel pronounced the name as "Jakeus Billskim", prompting color commentator Josh Matthews to proclaim "Tony Chimel is an idiot". Matthews then proceeded to call the match pronouncing Pliskin's name correctly. Sadly, Velocity has no viewers, and thus Matthews' knowledge of how to properly pronounce French names went unnoticed.

Since then, Jacques Pliskin has not been seen in a WWE ring again.