Wrestling Career Edit

Hydra is a sea monster and professional wrestler working for CHIKARA. He is the "muscle" in The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple with UltraMantis Black, Tim Donst, and Crossbones. Hydra is known for his massive size and impeccable strength, weighing around 146,000 pounds. Hydra is widely considered the strongest and most technically proficient wrestler (ever since Chris Benoit died). Hydra has tried time and time again to enter a Strongman contest to prove that he is much stronger than current world's strongest man, Mark Henry. Unfortunately for Hydra, he is not a man, rather a man-monster. He is so strong that his muscles have the ability to form shapes that form letters that spell words like "abs" and "more muscles". Some faggotspeople believe this means someone has drawn muscles on him, but they are proven wrong again and again when Hydra locks on his unbreakable Hydralock and forces his foes to submit. Hydra lost to Moscow, the Communist Bovine at Young Lion's Cup V in a fluke when Moscow hit a Side Russian Legsweep. Hydra made up for this loss by distracting Moscow with grass the next night in a tag bout, allowing UltraMantis Black to hit the Praying Mantis Bomb and win the match.

Language Edit

Hydra is able to understand all types of languages, but he is unable to speak English. Instead, as proven on the Dr. Keith Show, Hydra grunts and makes noises which UltraMantis Black can translate into English. It was also revealed that Hydra does speak fluent Ugandan, as Hydra recalled his conversation with the legendary Kamala.

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