Is that Damn Good-ah. The version of HUN-TOR-ah before he gets angry-ah.

Cannot handle DESTRUCITY-ah.

Is that damn good-ah..

Known for his Arn Anderson like Spinebuster

Stephanie gave birth to girl number three.

Yes Triple H as three daughters now. He is also known as

A Futurist's Depiction of what Triple H will look like in the future

The Game, the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, the American Blueblood, the Champion of Champions, Dr. Awesome, Captain Coolness, The Master of Swing, the Lord of the Dance, The Kick Ass Kid, The Wooly Bully, Poppa Pain, The Chomper, The Stomper, The Fantastic Force, Crazy Uncle Hunter, Hammerhead, Sideburns McGameface, Levesqueanator, The Aqua Netter, Muscles McKenzie, The Wild Knight, Admiral Anger, Boo Boo Kitty-F*ck, Bam Bam the Ram Man, Filo Dough, the Anti-Brock, Big Jim Slade, Mr. Terrific.

Retired until Wrestlemania for the RAW roster gauntlet match.

Is currently the top heel in the WWE.


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