Getting Over is a pro wrestling term that is frequently abused and misused by complete losers on internet forums, many of which can be found on THE BOARD~!.

Pro Wrestling Edit

To "get over" in the traditional pro wrestling sense is to gain reaction from an audience be it as a heel or face and to have the audience respond accordingly.

Internet Message Boards Edit

Abusers of the term who frequent message boards believe "getting over" to mean posting as much insipid crap as possible in order to gain the approval of the deluded idiots who themselves believe they "got over" by completing a similar process. Such crap includes criticizing the people who run the website on which they post, making endless threads and posts being deliberately contrary to a commonly held belief, or posting entirely off topic and then complaining about being told not to post off topic. "Getting over" on a message board is a long, drawn-out process for most as thousands of posts establishing their "gimmick" may be required. This takes a considerable amount of time spent in front of the computer, something that the poster luckily has plenty of due to the complete lack of social interaction in the real world. The goal of the posters attempting to "get over" is to be called a "great man" at which point they themselves can then pass judgment on others they perceive as attempting to "get over" by posting as much irredeemably pointless garbage as they did.