Georges! Quit pressing your nose against the glass!

Georges St. Pierre (the S in Georges is silent, believe it or not) is a professional mixed martial artist from Quebec, Canada. GSP had two matches against Matt Hughes for UFC's welterweight title, losing the first and winning the second. Unfortunately he immediately lost the title to some washed up fighter named The Terror and hasn't been the same since.

Or has he? Ask Josh Koscheck and the aforementioned Terror.

GSP Trivia Edit

  • His nickname is 'Rush' - this may have something to do with the dog of the same name from Mega Man games.
  • Has an MMA record of 14-2, and a lucha libre record of 127-2-3 (three time limit draws with Psicosis).
  • Likes double the cheese curds when he orders his poutine.
  • Blames his last loss on spending too much time in Quebec partying like a rockstar.
  • His heroes growing up were Bruce Lee, Ultimate Warrior, Mario Lemieux and Luigi.
  • Plans to humble some faggot named Kos-check on August 25th, 2007.
  • Is unknown to anybody other than Mike Coughlin and Bryan Alvarez and thus gets NO BUYS~!
  • At one point rumored to be dating the FOINE AS HELL Mandy Moore. Many think this is possible because GSP's late 80's style bicycle shorts accentuate his gargantuan package.

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