The Fruity Pebbles Fan Club is, as the name suggests, a fan club devoted the fruity cereal of said name.

Originally started by the late Merle "Dead" Vincent in 1999, RD Reynolds took over control of the company after Vincent blew his own brains out like the gutless coward that he was.

The first Fruity Pebbles convention was held in 2002 in RD's mom's basement(where RD lives) and 3 people actually turned up.

In more recent times, both Barney "Blade Braxton" Rubbleton and w drag queen calling him/herself "Triple Kelly" have taken a more active role in the running of the fan club, which now numbers as many as 7 members.

Recently celebrated its tenth anniversary with a get-together in Reynold's mom's garage. Activities included watching the "Flintstones" movie with John Goodman, RD showing off his rare box of Mango Pebbles(discontinued after only a few weeks), and a boring discussion on peoples' all-time favorite cereals.

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