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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

The Greatest Game Ever

Greatest wrestling game ever in the history of Pro Wrestling games.


Other new featuresEdit

  • The game allows the player to create up to 500 wrestlers.
  • The creation of custom titles is now possible as a new belt editing feature is added.
  • A new logo making feature allows players to create accurate logos and symbols. These logos can be used to design their own ring and federation.
  • Smaller indy promotions and wrestlers are featured in the default roster.
  • Factions can be adjusted to reflect heel or face alignments.
  • Up to 4 preset match setups for most game modes can be saved.
  • New death match types.
  • Post-match attacks make a comeback as players can continue to attack their opponents after the match has ended.
  • Sprites are designed larger than in previous Fire Pro games.
  • Yes Bryan Danielson is in the Game.
  • Includes great moves such as Pedegree, Figure Four, Sweet Chin Music, Diamond Cutter, Styles Clash, Cattle Mutilation, and many many more.
  • Triple H edit won't job to anyone

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