Even though he’s billed from Belfast, Northern Ireland he is actually from Carrickfergus. The WWE bills him from Ireland because they seem to think that America is too dumb to know that there is a divide. Also known as the man who brought God's gift to wrestling, Hornswoggle, to the WWE.

Both Bryan and Dave would love to see him wrestle William Regal every week on Smackdown. This is not a view shared with most other people.

He is acknowledged as one of the greatest workers in the industry. He accused Super Chico of knowing nothing about WWE, their drug policy, or what a WWE lockerroom is like on Nancy Grace. You can hear a clip of this here. Chico, visibly hurt & incensed at his longtime hero's audacity, responded that he was intimately aware of the drug policy and had even had it clarified to him personally by Jerry McDevitt in a response you can hear here.

Finlay appears to have the same problems with Marc Mero that most people with good sense and half a brain do.

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