A relatively non-wacky feature of F4W. Features Dave Meltzer for about an hour per month1, and other "power players" in the world of wrestling, such as retired jobber Buddy Wayne, Nutbunnies, Bix, Capital City Kyle and Producer Al, who was a technical assistant to an Internet wrestling radio show six years ago; and the guy who the Iron Sheik yelled at. The most popular guests all seem to be Canadians.

Complete Guest List Edit

A comprehensive list of Figure Four Daily guests can be found here.

References Edit

Note 1: It's a busy month.2

Note 2: Bryan wastes five minutes badgering Dave about how many Observers he'll be putting out in the near future. Bryan thinks it'll be a lot! There's too much stuff!3

Note 3: Dave doesn't think he can put out more than two a week. But y'know, you never know, heh heh heh, there's a hell of a lot of stuff this month!

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