Let's do this.

Ok here we go!

Our first Board n00b is:Holy Joe And his Pro is: Jimmy Lazers Next up!

Board n00b is: panda_powers His Pro will be: JNB Cigars

Our next n00b is: RampChamp And his Pro is eamoversion1

Our next n00b is: dj_convoy His pro is: worshiptheram

Our next n00b is limericklad His Pro is hardcore_hogan

Our next n00b is ndynamite has been changed to "DASHING" Neilliam Dynamite His Pro is: Klitts

Next up on the list we have the n00b: sosa1121 has been renamed CodyKellyFan His Pro will be: Sinbad

Our next n00b will be: Doc Young His pro's will be: The Back pack

Next up our n00b is: tom82 has been renamed Mr T His Pro is: DC SNIPER

Our next n00b is: JinkyO His pro is: mrbty

n00b is: srd Pro is: neville

Our n00b is: br26 Pro is: Crumbley

n00b is: essarios187 Pro is: Jakey

The n00b is: ebeneezer And his Pro is: Aeroscorp

The n00b is KingEnigma And his Pro will be Helmy

Our one last n00b is: chile has been renamed Chilly Willy and his Pro will be pingu_girl

Alright Pros you can rename your n00bs whatever you would like. This will all be based on BOARDING ABILITY and how they come around to their pros. The first vote will be in ONE WEEK! (September 1st)

Since I am competing, I will let all the Polls to be posted by: The first to volunteer

PS. Sinbad is gay

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