"ATM" Eric "Easy E" Bischoff (born May 27, 1955) is a failure of epic proportions. He is best known for creating Monday Nitro, the nWo, LWo, oWn, nWo WolfPac, nWo Black & White, nWo Elite, nWo B-Team, nWo 2000, probably another incarnation of the nWo that escapes my memory at the moment, and helping kill WCW. Did I mention he created the nWo? I think he created a show or three based entirely around that group. It was somewhere in the 1996-2000 time frame...but I can't remember. Garrett Sucks!!!

Atm eric that's where WCW's budget went...

Some Other Notable Things Eric Bischoff Did Besides the nWoEdit

  • Was hired by Vince McMahon, who then hugged him. Was subsequently fired, just so Vince could say he did so.
  • Refused to give Joel Gertner a job.
  • Thought Steve Austin and Rey Mysterio weren't marketable. Thought Van Hammer and The Kiss Demon were.
  • Kissed Mae Young for the sake of COMEDY~!
  • Currently in approximately 85 segments on Impact. In fact, he's probably on TV right now.
  • Kissed Billionare Ted's ass. A LOT.
  • Employed Steve McMichael.
  • Frequently sent Chris Jericho empty FedEx packages, just to mind fuck him.
  • Doesn't know the difference between a parking lot and a river.
  • Signed Bret Hart and did nothing with him. Indirectly caused Bret's concussion and stroke.
  • Cheating on his wife with some stripper in a club. Or the Hulkster.
  • Wrote a book that had more factual inaccuracies than the Mexican's, which accomplished something that nobody thought possible.
  • Along with Hogan, is currently responsible for completely destroying a company that wasn't successful to begin with helping TNA gain a 1.0 rating making TNA the number one wrestling company in the whole wide world, dude.
  • Was tricked by his wife into calling himself "Eazy E" as a way to scare off Ring Rats without her there to vouch that he didn't have HIV.

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