In similar ways to Orlando Jordan Elijah had an impressive amateur boxer record of 103-1 with 102 knockouts according to The only loss he sustained was a disqualification, after he knocked his opponent out and refused to back down to his corner while insanely ranting “I’m not Orlando Jordan, I’m the other black dude!”. Having been such a successful amateur, the next logical step was for him to continue boxing as a professional. So he joined the WWE.

Just as Orlando Jordan left WWE, in came Elijah Burke. He was young hungry and desperate for success. They sent him down to OVW, which luckily for him was quite good in those days and Jim Cornette made him a big star in front of the regular crowd of up to 20 rabid fans a week!

Having already signed him and stuck for ideas, the WWE Creative Team sent him to Smackdown! to manage Sylvester Terkay. Problem was, Terkay did a MMA gimmick and the WWE hates all that stuff because Vince McMahon don’t invent it. So they both got berried and Terkay was later abandoned at Bangkok Airport while on a WWE tour of Thailand, they posted this message [1] and has never been seen again.

Elijah is now the leader of a group of extreme renegades called the New Breed on the hit Sci-Fi Channel television series ECW. He’s actually done a good job at filling the mighty large boots left by Orlando Jordan and many experts predict he’ll reach the levels of upper-lowercard or maybe even lower-midcard by the end of the financial year. Those experts were proved WRONG.

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