I liked it when I heard it on Arrested Development.

One of the best OneLineBoarders. The best, really. It's a skill, saying so much with so few characters, as any user of Twitter will tell you.


He did the naked ladys thread, which was awesome. But in general he's made me laugh lots!


  • My Young Wife
  • I remember you
  • bub
  • I'll chop your fucking hands off
  • Lil Cutie Pie
  • Hangin' hard
  • Cut to the song
  • Soaking wet all over the bed
  • Something Else
  • I wanna tick that box
  • You have been badly sussed
  • anyway
  • I'd rather bang Edge
  • Bitch I'm the Bomb like Tick, Tick

Add some more because I can't fuckin rememberr them!

He claims 'badly sussed' as a catchphrase but it has become clear he stole this from Mackem Man.

Most of his material is written by jimmylazers

Filled in all the catchphrases himself. :|

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