Callis in his teen heartthrob days

Don Callis was briefly employed by WWF as 'The Jackyl' but is probably better remembered as 'Cyrus the Virus' from the original ECW or 'Stubby McPoutine' from Tony Condello's Ultimate Elite Grappling. The Mexican rates him as one of the most popular guests on Figure Four Daily and estimates website traffic goes up 12,837% each time he's on.

Don Callis Trivia Edit

  • Don was the lead singer of a Canadian boy band named "Kroft Eh?"
  • Their biggest hit was "I Left My Heart in Fairy Glen."
  • Has been known to rib Lance Storm by pulling his underwear over his head.
  • The last time he did this Storm hogtied him, and hung him upside down over a hotel balcony.
  • Frequently refers to how over he was in ECW, based on making HYOOOOGE amounts of money.
  • Is an admitted paranoid who excels at the game Paradroid.

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