Diva is the WWE term for the exploitation of women. Basically the idea is, in this age where hard core pornography is easily available via the internet; men will still get excited about a young skinny woman dressed to the bare minimum, with no apparent personality or intelligence try and wrestle in bra and panties matches while they vigorously masturbate just like Jerry Lawler does at the commentary desk.

The Diva SearchEdit

Even though the ratings sink and the crowds boo, the Diva Search is considered cutting edge television and a great excuse for wrestlers to have a shot at pulling some hot chicks without ever having to leave the arenas. Successfully pulled chicks get contracts, any of the woman who have so much as a minuscule amount of respect for themselves are not signed and if they are, they have to first pass the Randy Orton test.

List of WWE DivasEdit

The blonde one on Smackdown The other blonde one on Smackdown The good one on Raw whats her name? I can’t be bothered anymore.

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