The World's Greatest Wrestling Promotion according to Chico

Derby City Wrestling has been described by The Mexican as the greatest wrestling promotion he's seen all time all my life. They are a developmental group for OVW, which is in turn a developmental group for WWE, which makes them the equivalent of AA baseball.

Derby City Facts Edit

  • Besides being the greatest promotion of all time, they also employ Kenny Bolin, the fattest manager of all time.
  • DCW tapes at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • The Davis Arena is actually the backyard of Rip Rogers country estate.
  • Their greatest tag team is Agent Williams and Agent Jason, better known as "The Army of Two."
  • DCW is the only wrestling promotion in the world to employ Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • It has AL BARONE~!!~!~!!!~!~!
  • All wrestlers are billed at their actual weight, except for Fang, who is billed at 40 pounds over his actual weight of 85.
  • Most of their wrestlers are currently begging John Laurinaitis for a job in WWE.
  • DCW airs on Saturdays at 10:00 P.M. on WYCS TV 24 in Louisville, and on Monday nights at the Super Chico Mansion.
  • They don't sell their overpriced DVDs outside the U.S. and its all That Mexican's fault.

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