Tourette's Guy is man named Danny who allegedly suffers from Tourette's Syndrome.It most consists of him getting drunk and swearing at everything. He wears a neckbrace in all of videos to insinuate that has had seven shades of shit beat out of him when he says his offensive "Holy Shit"! things to the people around him.

Biography of DannyEdit

Danny was born in North Dakota. He was forced to move cause his wife was fucking everybody in Bismark. Also her homemade spaghetti did not taste as he would prefer. He preportedly lived in New jersey but all the Blacks and Longilegged pissed off Puerto Ricans pwned his ass right back out. For this reason he is not a big Carlito and Primo fan. Apparently around this time he developed Tourette's Syndrome and now resides on the Internets and Iny Wrestling Scene. Danny also hates actor Rick Moranis. Allgedly Danny was a once a Booker for WCW and was one of many Bookers of WCW. Danny is currently waiting for his time in Pro wrestling. Will be on Season 3 of Nxt (if it isn't cancelled) and is Pro will be The Great Khali.

Known Facts About DannyEdit

  • Can freely change the month by yelling "PISS"

    Artists rendering of Danny, The Tourette's Guy

  • Hates Smackdown
  • Has two exwives one is named Shirlena
  • When asked if he watched TNA he Replied: "I Don't Give A Shit About That Chicken Shit Bullshit"
  • Stared down Sting and Decisively won and then yelled "SHIT!"
  • Loved the Mighty Ducks Movies
  • Favorite show is Magnum P.I.
  • Favorite wrestler is Magnum T.A.
  • I'll Be Missing By Puff Daddy is one of his favorite songs
  • Looks suspiciously like Arn Anderson
  • Arn Anderson gave him his spot
  • The Lion King is his favorite movie
  • Briefly worked in FCW
  • He also likes Jeopardy
  • Got fucked by Dairy Queen twice

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