Face of the company material

Ratings killer.

Recently released from WWE

Recently return to WWE at Summerslam

Is now United States Champion

Lost title to Shameus

Is now World Heavy Weight Champion

Lost title to Sheamus again!

Is now annoying as shit.

Now is currently is being berried by Triple H. Even after winning at Wrestlemania 30.

Needs a shave.

Can't draw a dime.      

Sucks donkey dick on the mic, but it's okay because unlike that Fuccboi, Roman Reigns, he has the IWC's seal of approval and we should blatantly ignore his obvious deficiencies as a result.      

Squirrels hibernate in his beard during the winter.      

Spends free time flashing couples in parks and fucking Brie Bella.      

Also helps Real Man's Man William Regal cut down Christmas Trees during the winter.      

Has an addicting catchphrase clearly more over than he is (see: Stone Cold's WHAT catchphrase. Which is still going strong despite him not having wrestled in a decade).      

Changed his legal name from Dewey Foley to Bryan Danielson in 1998.      

Detached his retina in 2005 to the joy of 500 people at an obscure ROH show.      

Has a strict diet of tree bark and river water.      

Overrated 5 moves of doom guy like Cena (and every top face, ever).      

Promos consisted of obviously fake "intensity" in an attempt to seem like a superstar (Spoilers: Didn't work).      

Thankfully NOT the next face of the company.      

Only over thanks to the IZOD center crowd.      

Notice how he always came out to crickets before his famous 18 second squash against Sheamus. Only after that match did his catchphrase get massively over and has stayed over ever since. Coincidence? I think not.      

Now he's retired. He had a good career, but we all know the IWC will bitch about how BERRIED he was.      



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