Canadian Weedhead who hosts Live Audio Wrestling and has run the show in the shitter ever since Jeff Marek left.

Is best known for his Iron Sheik impression which was long before the entire world knew how he great he was so he deserves some points for that even though he still sucks.

Banned The Mexican from The LAW for eating a candy bar on-air and forgot his tickets to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony prior to Wrestlemania 23. HAHA!

He was also made like an idiot when he laughed at a caller suggesting that Hornswoggle would turn out to be Vince McMahon's Illegitmate Son after it turned out to be the case he asked Jason Agnew to go out and find some weed and go on a late night run to Burger King.

There's also a petition set up to have this guy removed from The Law before he destroys it completely -

Shocking reveal about one Dan Lovranski: he is a closet homosexual - straight from The Mouth himself: "I thought you were bi!" Get the full story about the menage he particiapted in at Jeff Marek's apartment by listening to Tha O Show episode 140 between 68.20 and 79.30:

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