Otherwise known by the ever inventive alias: "Aron Rex".


The face of a man who The Miz got over.

After an uneventful developmental career, he performed as Idol Stevens as one half of the legendary tag team known as the "Teachers Pets", with future ECW brand jobber, KC James.

Fought against London and Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championship and was sent back to developmental in the span of one month before being released. A prestigious "Main roster and back to the minor leagues" record he would hold for three years before Hade Vansen swiped the title.

After an equally uneventful indy career, he returned to the WWE as a fake Russian (not the awesome kind, like Rusev) known as Damien Sandow.

After years of mediocrity, he found a decent character as the Intellectual Savior of the Masses.

Unfortunately, the WWE Universe always reacted to his witty quips with complete and utter silence.

Lost a giant game of Jenga to Sheamus once and got his ass kicked on a weekly basis.

Teamed with Cody Rhodes in a tag team where Cody's mustache was the real star.

Won Money in the Bank and frequently looked like a chump against Cody despite being an intellectual savior.

Lost his cash in to a one armed John Cena and found his true place on the card as a comedic low carder.

After stealing Charlie Haas' gimmick, he became The Miz's stunt double, Damien Mizdow, and managed to generate a reaction for the first time in his career.

Got really over with the crowd by poorly imitating every move The Miz made (basically something a monkey could do).

Shockingly, WWE creative didn't think this demonstrated his face of the company potential and kept him in the low card, where he formed a truly awesome tag team with Axelmania.

Got released and went to TNA, where he expressed his disapproval for not being made a main eventer by appealing to the low, low, low standards of entertainment for hardcore wrestling fans.

Won the Grand championship in his second match and is currently dead set on becoming the next Mr. Anderson.

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