The worst wrestling website on the fucking planet if it weren't for the great matches folder. Only way to get good puro nowadays. They somehow find a way to think KEN Kennedy is the greatest wrestler on the planet. The board is full of fags who think they're somehow above the smark moniker.

An elitist but intelligent wrestling message board. Many members of the BOARD~! are actually jealous of it and will often start threads with the same content exactly a month later. DVDVR is the cool kid at school and F4W is the class clown. In other words: DVDVR = the Fonz. the BOARD~!= Ralph Malph.

People there often post stuff they don't really believe just to start shit. Go figure, right?

I hear you brah, I hear ya. VanillaFire1000 04:37, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

Use to have a pr0n board. Members weren't afraid to expose their creepy and homosexual fantasies. DVDVR moderator Mike Sweetser loves his Transformer pr0n.

A recent poll suggested 96% of the members wanted to go down on John Cena.

In the awful reviews found on the main site, you will witness loser-in-chief 'Raven Mack' telling us all about the times he sat at home, drank beer and watched wrestling. Members of the site will then hail him for his macho abilties all round coolness. This anecdote sums up perfectly the delusional, pathetic nature of this site; a group of life's failures sat around indulging themselves by posting star ratings watching exhibitons of Japanese scantily clad men throwing each other around like some made for TV porn film.

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