Former employee of ECW (the original one) and WWE. Currently wrestles in TNA as one half of Team 3D. Frequent guest on Between the Ropes. Apparently owns his own smoothie shop & gym in Florida, or a gym he sells smoothies at, or maybe those smoothies are GNC protein shakes with something extra in them and we should all not ask too many questions. D-Von has a lot of black brothers who bail him out in a pinch when his kayfabe brother Ray isn't there to help.

Trivia Edit

  • May actually be the most blackest brother in the world.
  • Batista used to be his sidekick and carry around a steel box D-Von would stuff his used condoms into (which they would call "donations").
  • Tried to fake his own death in the hokiest pro wrestling electrocution since Halloween Havoc 1992.
  • Has heat with Homicide and quite possibly The Mexican too.
  • Screams "OH MY BROTHER TESTIFY" whenever overcome by an epileptic seizure.

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