cutrer. Humanitarian, Leader, Wrestling Observer Live mp3 poster.

Shortly after Wrestling Observer Live has ended on a Sunday night, cutrer posts an mp3 copy of the show to the Radio Shows section on THE BOARD~!

Fun facts Edit

  • Alleged co-host of WOL, Bryan Alvarez often mispronounces cutrer's user name as cut ruurrr. He is, in fact, wrong.
  • Proposed to his girlfriend in a shootout.
  • Also proposed to his girlfriend in a shoutout. The latter is rumored to have been more successful.
  • Acted like Edinsanantonions defence attorney during his drunk driving shame. Everyone lost respect for him. Should be ashamed of himself.

Quotes from THE BOARD~! Edit

  • bigsaxxy : "Cutrer, one of my goals in life is to be half as awesome as you."
  • sqwirral : "You rank higher than Jesus."
  • hoto : "THANK YOU GOOD MAN"
  • plipster: "cool"
  • will : "~! ~! ~!"
  • Stevie J: "Dude you ROCK."

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