“Don't call myyyyyy DAUGHTER....”

Craig Proper aka Bryan’s Friend Craig is a former professional wrestler that broke into the wrestling biz. the same time as Bryan Alvarez (the two worked each other in their first match). He wrestled under the name Corrosion. He is current host of all WWE PPV house partys and writes the ROH on HDNet tv report for the newsletter

LOVES Pearl Jam, And has seen them live 30+ times!

Craig is a religious man, but does not like it when Bryan refers to him as "pious."

Craig was immortalized in the F4W song Super Sugartits Bros. when he and Bryan suggested the next Vince Russo match would be a Super Mario style "one up" on a pole.

He's a big guy. VERRRRRRY big.

Craig has also joined in as a co-host for Ed in San Antonio's "Drunkcast" radio show.

Wrestling historians were shocked to discover in the year 2011 from Mr. Proper that Tom Zenk had not only been Tito Santana's partner in Strike Force but also that he was a former AWA World Champion. Also the Elimination Chamber Match from Survivor Series with Shawn Michaels winning the World Title took place in 2009 or 2007 or 2003 whatever.

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