The Marty Jannetty to CM Punk's Shawn Michaels.

Failed WWE run in which he rode Punk's coattails, only to end up jobbing on Smackdown for a few weeks. In the end, even Ryan Braddock and Kizarny had better records than him.

Hosted an online show on that no one watched.

Unfunny podcaster. He hosts his own show where he bitches about not getting a shot in the big leagues even though he is little more than a mediocre comedy wrestler.

His comedy wrestling includes: feeling up his opponent in an uncomfortable manner, kissing Brent Albright, making lousy one-liners, being an insufferable ass licker, and coming out wearing a shitty bandana that only high school cheerleaders wear.

Most notable accomplishment in wrestling is when Punk mentioned him during his "Pipebomb"

Thinks the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is still valuable. *laughs*

His nickname, Boom Boom, is a synonym for shitting. Very fitting actually.

Designed his ring attire while blindfolded.

Teeth are suspected to be fake dentures. Real teeth were knocked out when people saw his incredibly punchable face.

"Funny don't draw money" - Jim Cornette

Shoves his ass into many faces, somehow still an indy midcarder.

Often has gay love with CM Punk, while AJ gets the sloppy seconds afterwards.

Somehow, has less charisma than Jack Swagger.

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