Top moments in WWE History, as voted by people trolling

1.)Mick Foley gets thrown off the top of the Hell in a Cell in a flaming dumpster and lands on Vince Mcmahon

2.)Stone Cold Steve Austin throws The Rock's autographed copy of "Have A Nice Day" into Mr Mcmahons' car after filling it with beer, from a zamboni, causing The Rock to piss his pants.

3.)Brock Lesnar blows a Shooting Star Press and crashes through the ring, as the crowd chant "You sold out!"

4.)Stephanie Mcmahon gives birth to a dog, then slips on its dogshits and lands on her father in a sexually awkward manner.

5.)Kurt Angle loses his World Title, his Olypmpic Gold Medal, his hair, and his wife all in the same night without actually getting pinned.

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