Current Number 1 box office draw in professional sports today.

Can't work.

Played a neat joke by making an infamous appearance on Good Morning Texas and acted like some sort of punchdrunk moron. This rib was considered to be the funniest thing ever!!! within the UFC.

However, trainer John Hackleman stated that Liddell was suffering from what would later be diagnosed as being partyed-out and the night before the interview he had taken a few girls who he met in the hotel lobby out until 5am in the morning. Along with taking sleeping pills, drinking massive amounts of booze and generally getting off his nut on any drug that is not tested for in Nevada, he still managed to show the girls a great old time, both out on the town and back in the hotel room. This is what resulted in the slurred speech and him falling asleep mid interview. What a man!

Just like Fedor Emelianenko, his utter lack of muscular definition has proven that you don't need to look like a roided, jacked up bodybuilder to draw big money or be the toughest motherfucker in the world, but he is still probably on the juice anyway.

Once no sold injuries in a car crash that hospitalized him.

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