Ugly girl

A cheap ugly woman and obvious TNA fan

Before the Hulkster revolutionized the rasslin' buisness and took it out smokey filled rooms and bingo halls, carnivals. The rasslin' buisness was strictly about cold hard cash and cheap ugly women and thats the way it would of stayed hadn't been for the Hogan and Andre match at Wrestlemania III. That match changed it all. Shown here are some of these women. The Hulkster on cheap ugly women: "Ya know somethin' dude just like i vanquished Andre I vanquished cheap ugly women brother!"

Cheap Ugly Women would find there way in WCW an the Independents and TNA. It would be the may things that destroyed WCW. Dave Meltzer had this to Say: "I'm thankful to The Hulkster for getting rid of cheap ugly women, Thanks Hulkster".

They existed mostly in dark ages of wrestling when wrestling was a side show at carnivals and at smokey bingo halls. Thanks to the Hulkster and his one man war against cheap ugly women they began to disappear.

111007 ugly woman shirt

The shirt says it all

Some quotes have been attributed to them. some of them are:

"ain't they purty"

"Don't look at them to close"

"Try her on fer size"

"she got skills"

They appear to be stealthy by going on message boards and using pictures of beautiful women as there avatars caution should be tooken.

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