O CA-NA-DA! You make some damn good beer!!

The place where all Canadians come from, natch. Mauro Ranallo is one. Don Callis and Lance Storm are too. Some have even said that Adam Summers and Mike Sempervive are from Canada, but that's only because they like hockey so much.

Canadian Trivia Edit

  • Canada is the world's 2nd largest country by size.
  • It is only the 36th largest country by population.
  • When global warming makes the U.S. too hot, expect a bunch of rude Americans to come bumrushing North and fill up all that empty land.
  • The best beer, hockey, professional wrestlers and maple syrup all come from Canada.
  • The capital is Ottawa but the largest city is Toronto.
  • Milk comes in bags.
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold. It gets bitterly cold in Canada.
  • Georges St. Pierre is from Quebec, the province of Canada that seems to think they're still in France. Nevertheless GSP is cool so Quebec rules.
  • Don't forget to Blame Canada for that bitch Anne Murray too.

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