Morbidly obese comic book fan, and righthand man in WWE's Creative Team to Stephanie McMahon.

Much to his sadness, she does not refer to him as "Number One".
Brian g

The only known photo of The One Brian Gerwitz

Has scripted comedy GOLD, such as transvestites, midgets, grown men in cow suits, and "Diva Pajama Pillow Fights".

Can not understand why viewers are not enjoying this. Don't they realize this is Great Comedy?

Would rather be working for a reality-tv show like those shows that air at 3AM where sexually ambiguous strangers scratch through your basement.

That or any of the fourth-generation watered-down Friends rip off sitcoms presently on tv.

Hates the word "Wrestling" and any other form of it eg "Wrestler", "Wrestlers", "Wrestle"

Pefers "Sports Entertainment", "Performer", "Performers", "Performing".

His own Performing usually involves his shaking his repulsive 300-pound body of blubber, slathered in baby oil. While wearing a g-string.


Also loves using baby oil to whack off to lingeire catalogs.

This is also where most WWE Divas come from.

Well, they hire them after seeing them in the catalogs, not from Geriwtz's ejaculate.


As for "Divas". Well just like "Wrestling", the words "Woman" and "Women", "Female" and "Females" are NEVER to be uttered in WWE.

Apparently spends 99% of his time writing "Great Comedy", and 1% randomly throwing matches together.

Also hates worrying about the unnecessary bs stuff like the matches and suchlike, and focuses on the COMEDY GOLD.

Scripts every promo and interview EXACTLY.

One time one Performer deviated from the script by one syllable and was fired on the spot.

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