BodogFight is a MMA promotion founded by online gambling magnate Calvin Ayre a great man.

Features great matches that no one buys

Its primary programming output is a television series of the same name, currently airing on ION Television so rumour has it, but nobody has yet to witness this BodogFight or a TV station called ION coming to think of it. Each episode follows two fighters in their training and ends with a bout between the two fighters. WOW~! bet thats just great!

BodogFight has also produced PPV events (don't laugh) which have featured top-ranked fighters including Fedor Emelianenko, Aleksander Emelianenko, Matt Lindland, Validmir Putin, Jean-Claude Van Damme and NO BUYS.

I think its safe to say Calvin Ayre is a MMA equivalent of a Money Mark.

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