A magical negro who is the savior of the WWE from the dreaded no buys. Was fucking Kristal until the WWE Draft. Is also about to drop a lot of weight (Vince Verhei suggest 80lbs!) of mostly muscle.

Lashleyisnotmean Hard Hitting. Soft Spoken.

Is not on SteroidsEdit

Is absolutely not on steroids, the mere suggestion is totally ridiculous and his ever compliance to the WWE Talent Wellness Program is proof that Bobby Lashley’s piss is as clean as a mountain stream. Pay no attention to those "elevated liver enzymes", either.

Aliases Edit

  • Bobby Lindsey
  • Black Lesnar (also Choc Lesnar)
  • Bobtista
  • Blaster Lashley
  • The Next Big Black Thang
  • Goldblack
  • Blackberg
  • The Wellness~! Poster boy

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