Blade Braxton

Sidekick to R.D. Reynolds, also has a love for Monster Cereals such as Boo Berry and is a die-hard fan of the Detroit Lions football team. Considers Demolition the greatest tag team of all-time.

He also writes a mean Haiku.


Enemies Edit

John Thomas: Blade Braxton's bill collector, who has been chasing payments for Mr Braxton's near encyclopedic pronography collection. He has called Mr Braxton on numerous occasions on behalf of Chase Meridian MasterCharge, but he continues not to reply.

King Vitamin (occasionally spelled king Pedophile): The scorge of Blade Braxton's beloved monster cereals collection. This cereal mascot leers at you from his box in a sexually harassing manner that Braxton simply cannot live with.

Wrestlecrap Radio Crickets: The wrestlecrap radio crickets are the true highlight of Wrestlecrap Radio, they often chime in in an attempt to counteract Blade and RD's terrible jokes and outdated references.

Vince Verhei: Mr Braxton considers himself the greatest wrestling radio lackey, Vinnie denies this.

Damien Demento: AKA: Damien Dependo, refered to Blade as that fat guy of wrestlecrap. Blade has a cobra white hatred for Demento. They're feud is ongoing, likes post youtube videos from a broom closet. Lost to undertaker on the very first RAW. Blade had an epic contest against Demento, held to a capacity crowd. The match is considered the best combination of boxing and wrestling. Blade put his legendary Front Yard Boxing Championship on the line. They exchanged holds that was reminicent of Flair Steambooat matches, the match ended when Blade literally trashed bagged Demento. The match brought a tear to Ric Flair's eye, much like the crying Indian in those PSAs.

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