Noted poster at THE BOARD and DVDVR, though he was run off of the former by some stupid rivalry with IMM, hardcore_hogan, or some similar troll.

Bix had a podcast for a little bit, and it was actually pretty good aside from his obnoxious habit of breathing directly into the mic.

Last seen trying to start a newsletter, Loser Leaves Town . . . an ironic name given that he left town (aka THE BOARD) and some would consider him a loser. He then came back to the board, only to be mocked until he cried.

Alleged friend of Phil Brooks.

Woman hater.

Had an unnerving preoccupation with people (especially women) using Human Growth Hormone. Like seriously, he would bring up HGH all the time. Dude has issues.

Has a fascination with the word "creepy".

Has been in a relationship with Chris Hero.

Loves Depeche Mode.

Masturbates to Perro Agauyo Jr. matches.

You can tell from the awkward silence after he talks on old WOL's that even Dave Meltzer was sick of the random ancient wrestling matches and angles that Bix would bring up during his calls.

Destroyed the Figure Four Newsletter so that no one actually reads it any more despite the fact that quality people like Steve Sims still write for it.

Called Dave and Bryan both "Cunts" in a message board rant and mysteriously still has a job.

Is rumored to have given Rip Rodgers oral favors for a "Best of Dusty Wolfe" 11 dvd set.