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Background Edit

Billy Kidman (real name Peter Grunner or something, who cares) is one of the best known wreslters from the glorious super-swerve that was WCW. He was known for impregnating thousands of 14yrold girls with one furious twist of his pelvis whilst performing his signature finisher "The Shooting Star Press". Although the increase rate of pregnancy has decreased over the years, Kidman is still able to thrill those with an IQ under 70 with the same move that they have seen every indy performer do in the previous match.

The Tapes Edit

Now besides his career in WCW and a stint in WWE, Kidman is most famous for two accomplishments:

  • Marrying Torrie Wilson
  • Plausibly confirmed fucker of Torrie Wilson

Now, seeing that this is a pretty big step in the humbled life of Kidman, it would only be logical to assume that he has kept some form of physical proof via the way of videotapes of these alleged sexual encounters with one Torrie Wilson. Fans and generally anyone with a dick would be rather interested and give Billy one hell of a pat on the back when the glorious time arises to cast off the shackles of his oppressors and spew forth the glorious nature of said videotapes. We shall wait and see people, we shall wait and see.

PROTIP: Kidman is no longer married to Torrie Wilson, make sure you tell him this while he is wrestling in your local funeral parlor.

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