Big Show is a big, fat wrestler. He once got mad at The Mexican, for calling him big and fat.

Big Show is a former WCW, WWE, and ECW Champion. He retired in 2006 due to injuries caused from being so fucking fat.

Show wrestled Hulk Hogan in April of 2007, in front of over 100,000 fans at the FedEx Forum.

Fun FactsEdit

  • We are lead to believe Big Show is the son of other fat wrestler Andre the Giant
  • He has shrunk over his career from 7'2" to just 7' and his weight has dropped from 500 pounds to 45o despite just looking like he is getting fatter making him, obviously, a great man.
  • Big Show is big.
  • Big Show is blinded by his fatness.
  • Big Show is fat.
  • Also known as Big Fat, Fatty McSlim, Not Slim Jim, Jack Who Is Fat, Dullard, Lucha Lisa, Mrs. McMahon, and Captain Stabbin.
  • Plans to challenge Kobayashi to an eating contest. Food of challenge - extra large pizza with everything including anchovies.
  • Has hands like skillets.

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