One of the most popular mainstream names in wrestling in the entire world, ever! As long as you’re from the UK that is. Not to be confused with BIG DADDY V.

Once drew a TV audience of 76 Million during half time of the FA Cup final, the rest of the FA Cup Final only drew 17 viewers.

Is often debated as a possible entrant for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, but usually falls foul due to being a talentless fat fuck whose brother owned the promotion he was pushed to the fucking sky in! That being said, he is currently the leading vote getter in the 2009 HOF ballot. But a Dave Meltzer conspiracy has kept him out of the Hall of Fame for years. Reportedly this stems from a feud between the two men after Big Daddy stole Dave's favorite Ring Rat Debbie Malenko. 

And to confirm this again, Big Daddy was the fattest, most useless wrestler who ever lived. Forget Big Show, this guy makes him look like Chris Benoit with his working boots on, on a long weekend at home with the family.

He also once legitimately killed a wrestler in a match after splashing him with his big fat fuck of a belly. This does not make him a shooter.

Is now brown bread.

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